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Liszt: Chasse-Neige No. 12 in B-flat Minor

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Franz Liszt - Transcendental Etudes :
Chasse-Neige, No. 12
Chasse-Neige  No. 12  in B-flat Minor by Liszt piano sheet music
Key: B-flat Minor Year: 1851
Level: 8+ Period: Early Romantic
piano sheet music Piano score: Scanned score (1846 kB)

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xx Liszt, Transcendental Etude no. 12, Chasse Neige
February 04, 2011, 05:48:27 PM by pianist1976


xx Liszt Chasse neige
January 02, 2011, 06:36:37 PM by grisell

I don't have a teacher so I just wondered if I'm on the right way(?). I just love the piece.


Please excuse an amateur. I know it's not top class (especially the middle part), but I'd appreciate any advice.

xx Is this good? Liszt Chasse Neige
January 02, 2011, 08:25:37 AM by grisell

I don't have a teacher so I just wondered if I'm on the right way(?). I just love the piece.


Please excuse an amateur. I know it's not top class (especially the middle part), but I'd appreciate any advice.

xx Etudes plays Etudes! (rachmaninov,Liszt)
December 22, 2007, 04:45:32 AM by etudes

 Live recordings of Eroica and Chasse neige (no.7 and no.12 from Liszt Transcendental etudes) and Rachmaninov etude in D major op.39 no.9
I played the Liszt etudes along with Mazeppa and feux follets (but unfortunately the recording devices went wrong at the beginning of the mazeppa so I couldnt record mazeppa and feux follets)
Rachmaninov etudes in D major op.39 no.9 was quite new for me (started to work on it like 3 weeks prior the performance)
feel free to leave comments and critics there

for da SDC
da ROCKET is dedicated to da ROBBAH who inzpired my azz of to start learning this pieze
and da PIMP is dedicated to da TRUDOC (koji) and da TONY (hotaik)  Cool TRULY SDC unleazhed ztyle!

xx Piece Ranking
August 20, 2006, 09:14:06 PM by dough_mouse

Please help me rank the following pieces in the order of least to most difficult:

Chopin Etude 25/10 in Bminor
Liszt TE no.12 Chasse-Neige
Rach Etude 39/1 in Cminor
Alkan Etude no.7 Finale
Schubert/Liszt Transcription - Erlkonig
Scriabin Etude 8/12 in D#minor
Scriabin Etude 42/5 in C#minor
Prokofiev Suggestions Diabolique
Beethoven Sonata Tempest - 3rd movement

Thanks in advance!

xx Need Help Liszt Etude Chasse-Neige
July 23, 2006, 12:32:05 AM by dough_mouse

I started Liszt's TE no.12 Chasse-Neige about a month and a half ago after much pleading with my teacher. At the time, I didnt know much about the transcendental etudes or this particular one, and I was trying to convince my teacher to allow me to select it for my next piece (not on account of its difficulty but because I liked it a lot and didnt see what would be so terribly hard about it). Well, my teacher left for touring in Europe 2 weeks ago and will be gone for about a month. Since he left, I have been having tremendous difficulty with this piece, and after reading about it online, have seriously come to regret my recklessness. I refuse to allow quiting on this piece to be an option, but its really difficult without my teacher.

Since my teacher is gone, I was hoping that some of you more experienced and learned players could give me advice about how to learn it and some general tips and no-nos for playing it. Im really hurting without my teacher and I dont want to learn anything in this piece grossly wrong and I especially dont want to injure myself. My main problem is with playing the whole thing up to speed (especially in the chromatics section) and the jumps.

So, if anyone could give me general pointers and things to watch out for in this piece, as well as excersizes that would make it easier, I would greatly appreciate it.

xx There's something weird about Chasse-Neige...
June 04, 2006, 04:07:15 PM by pianogeek_cz

I was bored to death this afternoon, so I printed out Chasse-Neige, more less just to see for myself that it really is as bloody difficult as it looks on paper and everyone is saying.

Surprise, I was more less able to sight-read it HS and after some fifteen minutes of work on one tricky-looking passage, with leaps and all, I was able to play it HT!  Cheesy

But I don't like it. It's coming waaay too easily to be true, especially with all those references from concert pianists I know. So the question is, where is the difficulty? It seems that the tremolos themselves are not such a problem... Leaps can be managed... Is it stamina? Will it become obvious only after some time spent practicing (Week)? Or is it somehow possible that I managed to sail past it right away (which I don't deem probable)?

I'm very curious about this...

xx Chasse Neige
July 19, 2004, 07:06:55 PM by in_love_with_liszt

Hey everyone, I'm practicing Liszt's "Chasse Neige" T.E. (no.12) and was wondering....do you physically hold the notes in the melody line when it is humanly possible, and hold it with the pedal when it's like a 13th away from the tremolo; or do you just use the pedal to hold the melody all the time?

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