Franz Liszt
Schubert: Erlkönig
in G Minor, S . 558 No. 4

ID: 898
Franz Liszt - Transcriptions of other composers' works:

Schubert: Erlkönig
S . 558 No. 4

Key: G Minor
Year: 1838
Level: 8+
Period: Early Romantic
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Mine is Erlkonig - Schubert/Liszt as interpreted by Murray Perahia:

Performance of Erlkonig by thalberg
This is a very good friend of mine.  I'm curious what people will have to say about her playing.  I think it's good!!  :)

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Early Romantic piano sheet music by Franz Liszt to download and print instantly: Schubert: Erlkönig in the key of . Level 8+, compositional type: Transcription (published in 1838)
Schubert: Erlkönig in G Minor, by the composer Franz Liszt who lived from 1811 to 1886.
The piece was published in 1838 and is included in Liszt's Transcriptions.

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