Felix Mendelssohn
Piano Concerto 1
in G Minor, Op. 25

ID: 429
Felix Mendelssohn - Concertos:

Piano Concerto 1
Op. 25

Key: G Minor
Year: 1831
Level: 8+
Period: Early Romantic
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How long will it take to learn this piece? by pianogang1885
My local youth orchestra has a piano Concerto competition every year and the winner gets to play one movement of the Concerto with them. The competition is in June next year. I've had a sightread of the...

Help Pls. Name of this piece? by victorkcliu
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Name of this piece? by victorkcliu
Hi, I am wondering what's the name of the rather wonderful piece played by Howard Shelley at 02:35? Any idea? Your help would be most appreciated! Link:...

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I recently got two free tickets from a friend at work to see Mendelssohn piano concerto no. 2! Alas, I have not had a chance to hear the first concerto and am worried I will be lost at the concert. Will I be...

How to pedal mendelssohn concerto 1 3rd movement by maestroanth
This is kinda driving me nuts but whenever I feel I add any pedal (which I know the performer does in my recording), it feels like my sixteenths lose some for their evenness.  I've been mainly just...

What piano concerto to learn? by chenbd
Hey, I need to study a piano concerto, I don't know which to choose! (it must not be Barouqe.) I'm not in the level for Rachmaninov's yet.. nor tchaikowski etc.. for comparison, my rep. now...

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Which do you prefer, which one do you think is more technically different (for what reasons) and which do you think is more difficult...

Mendelssohn - Piano concerto nº 1 by takeo
Hello! The orchestra where I play has offered me the possiblity of playing a piano concerto (only one movement, not the whole concerto). It's the first time I play with an orchestra as a...

Recording of the Mendelssohn G minor Concerto by happyface94
A while ago, someone asked to have a recording of those concerto and I said I had them. But I only gave away the 1rst mouvement because it was the only that I found, but digging deeper in my computer, I found...

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Does anyone have a good free recording/sheet music of this...

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Hi everyone! Has anyone here learned this concerto?  What advice would you give on learning it?  Thanks a bunch!  ;)

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If you had to break up the first two movements of Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 (g minor) and perform them both completely separate, where would you divide them?  I may have to do that this...

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Piano sheet music and recordings. This piece is from Concertos by Felix Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto 1 Op. 25 in G Minor (published in 1831) . Level 8+, Period: Early Romantic
Piano Concerto 1 Op. 25 in G Minor, by the early romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn. This piano piece was initially published in the year 1831 and is included in Concertos by Mendelssohn.