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The story of the piano concerto really starts with Mozart. He developed for the concerto the same degree of mastery that Haydn had won for the symphony or the string quartet, and transformed it almost beyond recognition. While no two of the piano concertos are quite alike, they do of course have many features in common. The orchestral exposition remains in the tonic; the piano then comes in and explores the principal material together with the orchestra in a conversational style. After the development and recapitulation sections, the orchestra comes to an inconclusive stop in the form of a 6/4 chord at the dominant; the soloist improvises a cadenza, after which there is a brief coda.
The slow middle movement is likely to be in sonata or variation form; the finale may also be one of the two just mentioned, but is usually a rondo.

Almost all of the more important concertos were written after Mozart’s move to Vienna, to be performed at his own subscription concert series there.
The concertos Nos. 14-25 were written in a period of creativity that has certainly never been surpassed in piano concerto production, lasting from February 1784 to December 1786.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Piano Concerto 9 K. 271  in E-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAB Piano Concerto 9 K. 27111 E-flat Major 1777 8
Piano Concerto 15 K. 450  in B-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAC Piano Concerto 15 K. 45033 B-flat Major 1784 8+
Piano Concerto 20 K. 466  in D Minor by Mozart piano sheet music AAD Piano Concerto 20 K. 4668 D Minor 1785 8
Piano Concerto 21 (Elvira Madigan) K. 467  in C Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAE Piano Concerto 21 (Elvira Madigan) K. 4671 C Major 1785 8+
Piano Concerto 22 K. 482  in E-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAF Piano Concerto 22 K. 48211 E-flat Major 1785 8+
Piano Concerto 26 K. 537  in D Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAG Piano Concerto 26 K. 5377 D Major 1788 8

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