Johann Pachelbel
Arrangements of Pachelbel's Canon

About Johann Pachelbel's Arrangements of Pachelbel's Canon

Pachelbel’s Canon in D major, originally for 3 violins and continuo and paired with a gigue which is only rarely heard nowadays, must be one of the most well-known pieces in the entire history of music.
It has been arranged for almost any instrument or combination of instruments one might imagine. It is built around a two-bar ostinato, which becomes the foundation for a set of 28 variations, in which the violins interact in canon with one another. The two arrangements here are by the distinguished Russian pianists Sergey Liapunov (1859-1924) and Lev Oborin (1907-1974).

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Canon - arranged by Oborin   in D Major by Pachelbel piano sheet music AAB Canon - arranged by Oborin 7 D Major 1680 2
Canon - arranged by Liapunov   in D Major by Pachelbel piano sheet music AAC Canon - arranged by Liapunov 7 D Major 1680 6