Johann Pachelbel
Canon - arranged by Oborin
in D Major

Pachelbel's most famous work, the beautiful and hypnotic canon in D never fails to fascinate its listener. The basso ostinato – a two-bar melody in the left hand - is repeated 28 times, but be prepared to want to go on playing it forever.

ID: 909
Key: D Major
Year: 1680
Level: 2
Period: Baroque
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Pachelbel's iconic bass line

Pachelbel's Canon is built around a two-bar ostinato, which becomes the foundation for a set of 28 variations, in which the violins interact in canon with one another. Lev Oborin's arrangement is a simplification where the element of canon has been removed and replaced by a number of variations for the right hand. It's a very enjoyable excercise for chord playing, voicing, and finger independence. For ambitious students who want to know their way about more keys than D major, it offers a nice opportunity to practice transposing.


The popularity of Pachelbel's Canon, originally scored for three violins and basso continuo, snowballed in the 1970s, after French conductor Jean-François Paillard made a recording. Since then, the music has been recorded hundreds of times, and the iconic harmony has made its way into pop songs, films, and adverts.

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Piano sheet music and recordings. This piece is from Arrangements of Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel: Canon in D (arr. by Oborin) in D Major (published in 1680) . Level 2, Period: Baroque
Canon in D (arr. by Oborin) in D Major, by the baroque composer Johann Pachelbel. This piano piece was initially published in the year 1680 and is included in Arrangements of Canon in D by Pachelbel.

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