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Composer Title Key Type Level
BachSmall Prelude BWV 939C MajorPiece3
BachInvention 1 BWV 772C MajorPolyphonic, Piece5
BachPrelude & Fugue 1 BWV 846C MajorPolyphonic, Piece8
BeethovenSonata 3 Op. 2 No. 3C MajorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 21 (Waldstein) Op. 53C MajorSonata8+
BurgmüllerProgress Op. 100 No. 6C MajorStudy4
MozartSonata 16 K. 545C MajorSonata6
RameauMinuet in C C MajorPiece2
SchumannMelody Op. 68 No. 1C MajorPiece3
BachInvention 2 BWV 773C MinorPolyphonic, Piece5
BeethovenSonata 5 Op. 10 No. 1C MinorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 8 (Pathéthique) Op. 13C MinorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 32 Op. 111C MinorSonata8+
BurgmüllerBallade Op. 100 No. 15C MinorPiece4
ChopinEtude Op. 10 No. 12C MinorStudy8+
TchaikovskyThe Doll's Burial Op. 39 No. 8C MinorPiece4
BeethovenSonata 14 (Moonlight) Op. 27 No. 2C-sharp MinorSonata8+
ChopinFantaisie-Impromptu Op. 66C-sharp MinorPiece8+
RachmaninoffPrelude Op. 3 No. 2C-sharp MinorPiece8
ChopinPrelude (Raindrop) Op. 28 No. 15D-flat MajorPiece7
ChopinWaltz 6 Op. 64 No. 1D-flat MajorPiece7
DebussyClair de Lune D-flat MajorPiece7
LisztThe Shepherds at the Manger S . 186 No. 3D-flat MajorSuite6
BachInvention 3 BWV 774D MajorPolyphonic, Piece5
BachMarch BWV Anh. 122D MajorPiece2
BeethovenSonata 7 Op. 10 No. 3D MajorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 15 Op. 28D MajorSonata8+
MozartAllegro K. 626 No. 16D MajorPiece5
PachelbelCanon - arranged by Oborin D MajorPolyphonic2
BachInvention 4 BWV 775D MinorPolyphonic, Piece5
BeethovenSonata 17 (The Tempest) Op. 31 No. 2D MinorSonata8+
CorelliSarabanda Op. 5 No. 7D MinorPiece1
LisztO Holy Night S . 186 No. 2D MinorSuite5
MozartFantasia K. 397D MinorPiece6
BachInvention 5 BWV 776E-flat MajorPolyphonic, Piece5
BeethovenSonata 4 Op. 7E-flat MajorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 13 Op. 27 No. 1E-flat MajorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 18 Op. 31 No. 3E-flat MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 26 (Les adieux) Op. 81E-flat MajorSonata8+
BrahmsStudy - after Impromptu Op 90 No 2 by Schubert E-flat MajorTranscription8+
ChopinNocturne 2 Op. 9 No. 2E-flat MajorPiece7
BachInvention 6 BWV 777E MajorPolyphonic, Piece5
BeethovenSonata 9 Op. 14 No. 1E MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 30 Op. 109E MajorSonata8+
BachInvention 7 BWV 778E MinorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenSonata 27 Op. 90E MinorSonata8
ChopinPrelude Op. 28 No. 4E MinorPiece5
TchaikovskyThe Witch Op. 39 No. 20E MinorPiece6
BachInvention 8 BWV 779F MajorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenSonata 6 Op. 10 No. 2F MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 22 Op. 54F MajorSonata8+
LisztOld Christmas Song S . 186 No. 1F MajorSuite6
LisztScherzoso: Lighting the Candles on the Tree S . 186 No. 5F MajorSuite8+
SchumannTräumerei Op. 15 No. 7F MajorPiece7
BachInvention 9 BWV 780F MinorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenSonata 1 Op. 2 No. 1F MinorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 23 (Appassionata) Op. 57F MinorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 24 Op. 78F-sharp MajorSonata8
LisztSlumber Song S . 186 No. 7F-sharp MajorSuite7
BachInvention 10 BWV 781G MajorPolyphonic, Piece6
BachMinuet BWV Anh. 114G MajorPiece2
BeethovenRussian Folk Song G MajorPiece1
BeethovenSonata 10 Op. 14 No. 2G MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 16 Op. 31 No. 1G MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 20 Op. 49 No. 2G MajorSonata5
BeethovenSonata 25 Op. 79G MajorSonata7
FranckChristmas Carol from Anjou Vol. 1 No. 52G MajorPiece4
MozartMinuet K. 1 eG MajorPiece3
SchumannVon fremden Ländern und Menschen Op. 15 No. 1G MajorPiece5
BachInvention 11 BWV 782G MinorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenSonata 19 Op. 49 No. 1G MinorSonata6
ChopinWiosna B. 117G MinorPiece3
LisztSchubert: Erlkönig S . 558 No. 4G MinorTranscription8+
BeethovenSonata 12 Op. 26A-flat MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 31 Op. 110A-flat MajorSonata8+
DebussyLes soirs illuminés par l'ardeur du charbon A-flat MajorPiece6
LisztEvening Bells S . 186 No. 9A-flat MajorSuite8
LisztOld Times S . 186 No. 10A-flat MajorSuite8
BachInvention 12 BWV 783A MajorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenSonata 2 Op. 2 No. 2A MajorSonata8+
BeethovenSonata 28 Op. 101A MajorSonata8+
LisztMarch of the Three Holy Kings S . 186 No. 4A MajorSuite6
LisztChimes S . 186 No. 6A MajorSuite8+
BachInvention 13 BWV 784A MinorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenFür Elise A MinorPiece5
BurgmüllerArabesque Op. 100 No. 2A MinorPiece2
ChopinWaltz 19 (Sostenuto) B. 150A MinorPiece5
Rimsky-KorsakovFlight of the Bumble Bee - arr by Oborin A MinorPiece8+
BachInvention 14 BWV 785B-flat MajorPolyphonic, Piece6
BeethovenSonata 11 Op. 22B-flat MajorSonata8
BeethovenSonata 29 (Hammerklavier) Op. 106B-flat MajorSonata8+
LisztPolish S . 186 No. 12B-flat MinorSuite8+
BachInvention 15 BWV 786B MinorPolyphonic, Piece6
LisztOld Provençal Christmas Song S . 186 No. 8B MinorSuite8
LisztHungarian S . 186 No. 11N/ASuite8
TechniqueHarmonic Minor Scales N/AExercisen/a
TechniqueMajor Arpeggios N/AExercisen/a
TechniqueMajor Scales N/AExercisen/a
TechniqueMelodic Minor Scales N/AExercisen/a
TechniqueMinor Arpeggios N/AExercisen/a