Franz Schubert
in G-flat Major, Op. 90 No. 3

This extraordinarily beautiful, song-like piece - the ultimate example of Schubert's overflowing Romantic melodiousness - demands great cantabile technique and control of different layers of sound.

ID: 1943
Franz Schubert - Impromptus:

Op. 90 No. 3

Key: G-flat Major
Year: 1827
Level: 8
Period: Early Romantic
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Lovely Meadows of G-flat Major

Schubert’s serene G-flat Impromptu has a stunning, dreamy melody flowing over the subdued agitation of rolling chords, which continue until the final pianissimo. Interestingly, the lyrical line is visually stretched through Schubert’s ingenious use of a rare "double all breve" or 4/2 time signature, with the half-note receiving a beat and four such beats in each measure. If the piece were written in 4/4 time, the rolling arpeggios would be double-barred 16th notes, and the page would look crowded and tense rather than relaxed and languid. The middle section becomes more agitated with sharply accented bass notes as the composer’s mind wanders afield before returning to the lovely meadows of G-Flat Major.


The four Impromptus, Op. 90 (D. 899) were probably composed at least in part during the composer's stay in Dornbach in the summer of 1827, just over a year before his death. The first two went to press in late 1827; it wasn't until 1857 that Nos. 3 and 4 appeared in print. Moreover, the G-flat Impromptu was transposed and printed by the publisher in G major, and for a long time remained available only in this key.

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Impromptu in G-flat Major - Op. 90 No. 3 is a piano piece by the early romantic composer Franz Schubert who lived between the years 1797 and 1828.
It is written during the Early Romantic era and is included in Impromptus by Schubert.