Robert Schumann
Four Pieces
Op. 32

About Robert Schumann's Four Pieces

These Four Pieces date from 1838 and 1839, one of Schumann’s most productive periods in terms of keyboard music.
Even after Schumann’s own prospects as a concert pianist were ruined by permanent damage to his right hand, his affinity for the piano continued, not least because of his relationship with Clara Wieck, the extraordinary pianist who was to become Schumann’s wife in 1840 after his long struggle with her objecting father.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Scherzo Op. 32 No. 1  in B-flat Major by Schumann piano sheet music AAB 1. Scherzo 33 B-flat Major 1839 8+
2. Gigue Op. 32 No. 2  in G Minor by Schumann piano sheet music AAC 2. Gigue 24 G Minor 1839 7
3. Romance Op. 32 No. 3  in D Minor by Schumann piano sheet music AAD 3. Romance 8 D Minor 1839 8+
4. Fughetta Op. 32 No. 4  in G Minor by Schumann piano sheet music AAE 4. Fughetta 24 G Minor 1839 8+

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