Alexander Scriabin

About Alexander Scriabin's Sonatas

The first three of Scriabin’s ten published sonatas are in a Romantic style, reminiscent of Chopin and Liszt, but undoubtedly with Scriabin´s unique voice present from the beginning.
The brief Fourth Sonata marks an important transition for the composer: musically, he was moving ever closer toward atonality, while his personal life was marked by the deepening complexity of his theosophical ponderings.
Beginning with the fifth, Scriabin´s sonatas have no key signature and consist of only a single movement. The Seventh Sonata, Scriabin’s own favourite and nicknamed “The White Mass”, stands on the threshold of serialism.
With the ninth, so-called "Black Mass Sonata", Scriabin’s journey to his own particular brand of atonality is complete. The violence and menacing harmonies of this sonata, whose colourful subtitle is the composer´s own, are said to have shocked and frightened even the composer himself.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Sonata 1 Op. 6  in F Minor by Scriabin piano sheet music AAB Sonata 1 Op. 618 F Minor 1893 8+
Sonata 2 (Sonate-Fantaisie) Op. 19  in G-sharp Minor by Scriabin piano sheet music AAC Sonata 2 (Sonate-Fantaisie) Op. 1926 G-sharp Minor 1897 8+
Sonata 3 Op. 23  in F-sharp Minor by Scriabin piano sheet music AAD Sonata 3 Op. 2320 F-sharp Minor 1897 8+
Sonata 4 Op. 30  in F-sharp Major by Scriabin piano sheet music AAE Sonata 4 Op. 3019 F-sharp Major 1903 8+
Sonata 5 Op. 53  by Scriabin piano sheet music AAF Sonata 5 Op. 53 N/A 1907 8+
Sonata 6 Op. 62  by Scriabin piano sheet music AAG Sonata 6 Op. 62 N/A 1912 8+
Sonata 7 (White Mass) Op. 64  by Scriabin piano sheet music AAH Sonata 7 (White Mass) Op. 64 N/A 1912 8+
Sonata 8 Op. 66  by Scriabin piano sheet music AAI Sonata 8 Op. 66 N/A 1913 8+
Sonata 9 (Black Mass) Op. 68  by Scriabin piano sheet music AAJ Sonata 9 (Black Mass) Op. 68 N/A 1913 8+
Sonata 10 Op. 70  by Scriabin piano sheet music AAK Sonata 10 Op. 70 N/A 1913 8+
Sonata-fantaisie   WoO 6  in G-sharp Minor by Scriabin piano sheet music AAL Sonata-fantaisie WoO 626 G-sharp Minor 1886 8+
Piano Sonata   WoO 19  in E-flat Minor by Scriabin piano sheet music AAM Piano Sonata WoO 1912 E-flat Minor 1889 8+

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