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Topic: how to overcome the memory slip?  (Read 4246 times)

Offline felia

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how to overcome the memory slip?
on: October 07, 2003, 12:31:09 PM
hi, friends,
i am just a newbies in piano preoforming...had only 2 times of  form memory on stage...
But only thing that make me very dissapointed is i suffer from a very serious memory slip.Though i still can continue form the certain phrase to complete the preformance, it still like a dark spot in my preformance.
today is the second time i preform on tage without score,though it shows some improvement from the last time, but it still slip, nomatter how well i have memorised it. Am i suffer form the stage fright? or i just didn;t suit to preform? :'(
Looking forward for advise....thanks


Offline Magnus

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Re: how to overcome the memory slip?
Reply #1 on: October 07, 2003, 07:57:08 PM
Hey friend :D It can be a problem to many. I cant help u with the memory slip, but I can help you with some tips before u go to the stage. Drink water, breath slowly and try to consentrarte on the piano and not on the audience. Think every note to be very clear.

Greetings  ;)

Offline arigatuso

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Re: how to overcome the memory slip?
Reply #2 on: October 07, 2003, 10:15:58 PM
Some tips...

1. Play the piece slowly (50% of the final velocity) hands separate to reinforce memory.

2. Play the piece in your mind at diferents speeds, away from the piano.

3. Play the piece in little random fragments, so you can start anywere (this is very important).

5. Associate colors and words to these little fragments, if you forget them, recall the color or the word.

4. Eventually, make your practice difficult, turn on the tv, the radio
and try to stay focus con the piece.

5. And the most important thing, stop practicing the piece with the sheet music in front of you; practice always from memory and refer to the sheet music only when you need to.

Sorry my arcaic english.


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