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Topic: Advice on piano practice  (Read 1735 times)

Offline tumababa

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Advice on piano practice
on: November 17, 2003, 10:41:58 PM
Here's the deal.  I have a master plan to go to UBC and study composition(At which I humbly think I have talent).  The problem is, I'm not really proficient in any instrument I could use for composing(I became a drummer when I quit piano) and while I can play a number of other instruments with a small degree of proficency, none of them are up enough to get into a school like UBC.  I've decided to hit the piano.  Both because it's close proximity to the percussion family will help me out and I played it as a child for five years.  I'm trying to get a practice regimen together that will get my chops in to shape.

 Scales don't seem to be too hard for me.  I can learn hands together four octaves without much trouble.  Arpeggios are another matter.  They will take some time.  I've been doing the Brahms method of accenting the first note, then the second, and so on.  It seems to help.  I've also bought a book by Dohnanyi(Spelling) called finger excercices which I plan to do 30 minutes of everyday.  I found a site detailing grade 8 expectations and have set the following goals for myself(Please feel free to add/change/subtract any of these).

Major/Natural+Melodic+Harmonic minor scales in all keys, four octaves, hands together and separate

Major/Minor/Dominant arpeggios, four octaves, hands together and separate

Any other stuff I should be picking up? How important is speed?

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Re: Advice on piano practice
Reply #1 on: November 17, 2003, 11:42:19 PM
Why don't you play some music?
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Re: Advice on piano practice
Reply #2 on: November 18, 2003, 02:13:39 AM

Technique can only get you so far....it is a tool to help you learn the music, but it won't help you play music.

I see nothing wrong with your goals...unless you're replacing actual "playing" with technique.
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