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Topic: Dealing with Copyrighted Piano Works  (Read 1739 times)

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Dealing with Copyrighted Piano Works
on: November 30, 2003, 10:46:51 PM
Hello, I am trying to figure out some copyright related issues as I help plan for some concerts/recitals that will likely contain still-copyrighted contemporary piano compositions. I figure there must be folks performing contemporary, still-copyrighted music in their public concerts/recitals... hope you can point this newbie to the right direction. :)
Some questions below:
1. If a pianist were to perform a copyrighted work, especially contemporary piano music, in a public recital or concert, would the pianist or the concert's producer need to pay the copyright holder a fee to secure the rights to perform the copyrighted material in a recital? Does it make a difference whether the concert/recital is free or one that charges an admission fee?
2. Related to 1, can the performance be recorded (video and audio) ? Would separate copyright arrangements be needed to facilitate recording of the recital/concert?
3. Suppose the pianist or the concert/recital's producer wants to publish the recording of the concert/recital for sale, or want to post some of the recording on the Internet,  would additional copyright arrangements be needed then?
4. How would one go about securing the rights to perform, to record, and to publish/distribute/sell the recordings?
Any applicable knowledge or experience you share in this regard will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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