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Author Topic: Liszt Sonata - YOUR Interpretations  (Read 1266 times)
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Hello people.  Reading a bit about the Liszt Sonata, of course you find that almost everyone puts it in the framework of Faust-Gretchen-Mephistopheles.  Arrau said, "That was taken for granted amongst Liszt's pupils."  But you can still find varying interpretations of how those characters come alive in the music.  For instance Arrau said the first allegro energico on the first page, is "definitely" Mephistopheles, while for Brendel that was the expression of Faust, clever, questioning, aggresive, always seeking new experiences and the "key" to life. 
What do you think?  How do these characters play into the sonata for you, or, do you imagine a totally different story line to the piece?  I am curious to hear everything!

Walter Ramsey
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piano sheet music of Sonata
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