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Topic: A Divine Experience  (Read 1407 times)

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A Divine Experience
on: June 10, 2006, 07:35:04 AM
never mind.

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Re: A Divine Experience
Reply #1 on: June 10, 2006, 12:47:46 PM
Never mind?!  I take the time to click on this link and read your entire post, and you don't even have a genuine divine experience for me?  Not even a recollection of one?  You phony, secular, con-wielding....yeah, okay that's enough.  Good one.

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Re: A Divine Experience
Reply #2 on: June 10, 2006, 01:06:02 PM
my most divine experience has been to get into uni (only to break my leg and go out a cripple).  i think at first i thought it was how good i played for the audition.  now, i realize, they thought 'she needs help.'  didn't play terrible or anything - but now i realize some things i didnt' know.

maybe our divine experiences combine some of our own and some of others.  i would say listening to some people play the piano is a sort of divine experience.  pogorelich was awesome. and, last year - i had the opportunity to hear a family that made all their own instruments (harp, drums) and played them together as a family (spiritual music they composed - so that was divine).  often, when u have family units that are musical - the blend is phenomenal.  and, of course with piano - u have the labeque sisters and people like that (there are four sibilings going to julliard that play piano - that's cool, too.  forget their last name).  anyway - what i mean is whether singing or playing - if they all started around the same time - it's a really great listening experience because they sound so together.

for me, maybe the ultimate is #1 playing for church  #2 or playing/singing/dancing combined when listening (as with musicals, operas, ballets).  the extra motion and emotion adds so much.

ps is this the kind of divine experience ur talking about?  hmmm.  i have a feeling i'm wrong because of how cryptic ur message was.   tell us more in the anything but piano thread.

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