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Beethoven Sonata Op 49 no 2 /Bach Goldberg Aria (Read 16874 times)

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Beethoven Sonata Op 49 no 2 /Bach Goldberg Aria
« on: January 02, 2004, 06:39:14 PM »
My daughter is 11 and has been playing for five years.  She would like to play a sonata (she has played quite a few sonatinas-Clementi, Beethoven) and wants to play something longer and more challenging.  Has completed Moart's Turkish Rondo, Chopin Waltzes (A and B minor), Bach Preludes 1 and 23 from WTC, Beethoven Sonatina G, CPE Bach Solfeggio and Czerny Velocity pieces.  Any suggestions or comments re: difficulty/complexity on this piece?  Another student her age recently completed working on this.  Her instructor is open to her learning it.  Her instructor considers her at high intermediate entering advanced level.  Also, she would like to begin competing and is being asked to do the two preludes above for the local Jr. Bach Festival.  This is her first competition.  Will these pieces be appropriate for competition?  She has been practicing them for almost 5 months and is getting almost bored with them-competition is in one month, so there is no time really for her to learn a new Bach piece.  We could wait until next year, so perhaps you all could suggest some other pieces for her to select for next year's competition that might be more challenging. She is very picky about the pieces she enjoys playing but liked these two preludes the best from the WTC.  She loves the aria from the Goldberg Variations-would that be too difficult ?  Thanks!

piano sheet music of Sonata 20

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