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Topic: Scriabin Op 9 -1 Prelude  (Read 3812 times)

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Scriabin Op 9 -1 Prelude
on: October 08, 2008, 12:52:50 AM
Due to an injury on my right hand, I started this awesome piece for left hand - bad things have their good side too :)

Ok. If anyone cares, here is an early recording of my attempts:


(sorry for the many mistakes, this is the first one-handed piece ever that I am playing, I need to explore better fingerings etc. and my digital piano doesn't provide the dynamical bandwidth needed for this piece)

Two questions:

According to my sheet music, there is a f at the start of the last quarter and it seems that this goes on until the preliminary end on c-sharp minor, with just a bit of crescendo. Is that how it is supposed to be? Playing it like that up to that point is fine, but the mf in the next measure is a bit odd then.

I have a bit of trouble playing the start of measure 6, especially the b-d#-f#-b with proper accentuation. Any suggestions how to best play that with one hand?

PS: Big mistake in measure 6, the last three chords have d and not d-sharp!
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