Alexander Scriabin
Prelude - for the Left Hand
Op. 9 No. 1

ID: 775
Alexander Scriabin - Preludes:

Prelude - for the Left Hand
Op. 9 No. 1

Key: C-sharp Minor
Year: 1894
Level: 8+
Period: Late Romantic
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My teacher thinks a piece is too hard for me? by mishamalchik
Hello,           So I hurt my arm (ouch) and now my right arm is out of commission for the next couple weeks. I've been exploring various repertoire for the left hand alone...

Scriabin Op 9 -1 Prelude by guendola
Due to an injury on my right hand, I started this awesome piece for left hand - bad things have their good side too :) Ok. If anyone cares, here is an early recording of my attempts:

Scriabin-Prelude for the Left hand by verywellmister
What grade is Scriabin's Prelude for the Left Hand, op.9 no.1 (abrsm)? Can someone with small hands play this (what is the largest interval)? It's a great piece (so is the following...

Scriabin... prelude by Lilo
Hi I'd like to get Scriabin's prelude for the left hand (op 9.1), can anyone send it to me ? Are there other pieces that can be played with the left hand only...

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DOWNLOAD Prelude for the Left Hand Op. 9 No. 1 by Alexander Scriabin (published in 1894) . High quality classical piano scores from the Piano Street sheet music library.
Alexander Scriabin, one of the prominent composers active in the Late Romantic era, has written this piece titled Prelude for the Left Hand Op. 9 No. 1 from Preludes. The composition is categorized as "Piece" in Piano Street's sheet music library and the level of difficulty is 8+.