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Topic: Liszts transcription of Beethoven  (Read 2157 times)

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Liszts transcription of Beethoven
on: May 25, 2004, 12:54:20 PM
I'm currently playing Liszts transcription of Beethovens symphonies. Right now it's the second movement of the seventh symphonie. But, problem is, Liszt has made a lot of errors. When, for example, in the bar where the semi-fuga starts, Listz has coupled two eights together with the last note in a triola (do you say that in english? three notes played against one whole note, or two eights, or four sixteenths etc). It's obviously wrong, and it happens on some other places as well. Besides from that, he has also typed out some chords which are _completely_ impossible to take, even if you have hands like the talking trees in the lord of the rings. Thing is, these chords are not typed arpeggio, as some other chords are.

Personally, I just rewrite the faulty notes, and rearrange the impossible chords by replacing some notes to make them playable. I don't want to take them as arpeggios, since I want to keep the piece as close to the originall symphonic orchestration as possible.

Any suggestions of other interpretations?

And by the way, Liszts transcriptions are really excellent compared to the standard piano-transcriptions that you can find. He really produces a symphonic quality out of the piano.