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Topic: need Help w/ "Rage Over a Lost Penny" fingering  (Read 2164 times)

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need Help w/ "Rage Over a Lost Penny" fingering
on: May 26, 2004, 07:18:18 AM
I've come to the second to last page of Beet's Rondo a Cappricio Op. 129 - it's a tough passage much like Chopin's Op. 10 #2, beginning (on my edition) 25 bars from the end of this page, at the a tempo.  I'm struggling with the fingering I devised, which is (starting at the sixteenths in the RH):
(421) 5 4 3 (421) 5 4 3 (211) 5 4 3 (21) 5 4 3 (5321)
- poor text editor, had to group the chords w/ parentheses

and for the second run:
(421) 5 4 3 (421) 5 4 2 (5321)

No fingerings are written in on my music- I'm in dire need of assitance with this passage, because after this much practice, it usually clicks [and its not] - thanks
- AllChopin (and some Beet)
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