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Need a New PIano (Read 1414 times)

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Need a New PIano
« on: June 13, 2004, 10:23:57 PM »
After reading all of these posts, i think its time to get another piano.  The problem is Money and versitility.  If you have read other post ofr mine you will note that i have a 1951 Story & Clark Condenced baby grand.  The tuning pins are needing to be replaced  on it and its severely out of tune because of that.  I'm wondering if it would be less expensive to sell it and get an electric piano, or if it would less expensive to fix that one.  Like i said my money is very LOW.  But if i got an electric piano, i would want one that actually felt like a PIANO!  Not some piece of crap they are just trying to get rid of.  I've played on many pianos and i found that Roland has a really nice one.  I dont know what model it is, but i do know that its $3500.  I would love to find a piano that is less than $2000 with the same feel.  HELP
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Re: Need a New PIano
«Reply #1 on: June 14, 2004, 12:50:58 AM »
I have a Roland FP3.  It has progressive Hammer touch, and is quite comparable in feeling to a yamaha upright.  I live in Canada, and bought it new for 2000.  That would probably translate out to 1300 USD.  The reason why it doesnt cost so much is because it doesnt have any cabinet, but maintains all the voices of a more expensive digital.  1951 is a hell of a long time ago, and it would take extensive work to get the Story and Clark back into playable condition (especially for practicing).  Your keys have probably shrunken and turned yellow as well, right?  You dont want to get used to playing only your old piano, because you will be so, SO uncomfortable on a new piano with wide pearly white keys ;)
I wish you good luck