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Next Pieces for Catherine? (Read 2334 times)

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Next Pieces for Catherine?
« on: November 19, 2002, 07:34:37 PM »
Please advise me. My daughter Catherine is ten and has been taking lessons for a year at a low level of intensity. She has gotten tired of the teaching books and at her insistence has been learning the Bach Minuet in G which she heard on our cell phone! She is quite persistent and wants to take on a few more pieces from the Anna Magdalene Book when she has finished this Minuet.

After that what stuff would be doable and useful. Clementi? Bartok? She is still learning to read. Your suggestions would be very helpful.

I am not a teacher and I only help her when she asks but she seems to have some ambition to play pieces by name  composers. She has large, strong hands for her age.  She can strike an octave.
Thanks, Ned

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Re: Next Pieces for Catherine?
«Reply #1 on: November 20, 2002, 02:34:46 AM »
Hi Ned, have you checked out the Associated Board's list of pieces? It sounds like Catherine is playing at about AB's grade 2 or 3 level, so here are some of their set pieces:
Attwood: Sonatina No.2 in C 1st mvt.
Beethoven: Ecossaise in Eb, WoO86.
Mozart: Menuett in G, K15c.
Schumann: piece No.5, Album for the young
Kabalevsky: Galloping, Op.39, No.15
Kirnberger: polonaise in D
Glinka: Mazurka in C
Bartok: Wedding dance, No.15, "first term at the piano"
There are quite a few more pieces in the list, so if you want the full listing just e-mail me.

    David :)

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Re: Next Pieces for Catherine?
«Reply #2 on: November 20, 2002, 08:45:19 PM »
Thanks Davy!  The Associated Board is good.  I have the Tovey Beethoven edition.
Yes, please email me the list.
Thanks again.

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Re: Next Pieces for Catherine?
«Reply #3 on: November 21, 2002, 12:18:45 AM »
Hi Ned,

You can try Everybody's Favorite Piano Pieces for Children.  It is a thick book, that means it provides a wide range of choices. It contains songs from G.1-G.5. One thing I like most is that there are lots of famous tunes by famous composers from different periods. Some of the more difficult songs are simplified, so that the younger students can have a taste of these wonderful music before they actullay reach the level to play the real piece. All my students love this book. We had so much fun playing and studying the songs.

Sonatina Album is another good choice. I see it as the introdutory material before going into Sonatas by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven which are for G.5 and up. Of course, the most important thing - the melodies are lovely, you know, to keep the student interested.
I hope your daughter will enjoy these books.