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Chopin Sonata Op.58 help (Read 2717 times)

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Chopin Sonata Op.58 help
« on: July 22, 2010, 03:38:29 AM »
Hello there,
I am currently learning the Chopin sonata Op.58, and I have learned/memorized the first movement up to the double bar/repeat sign. Unfortunately, from here on I can't find any concrete harmonies; I'm not ever sure if it's still in B-. Chopin seems to be gliding through chords (and maybe keys as well), and I can't figure out what they are. From a structural point of view, I have managed to deduce that Chopin re-uses some of his earlier themes from the movement, albeit modified harmonically and also structurally. I can't learn this part without knowing the harmony, so could anyone please help me?


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Re: Chopin Sonata Op.58 help
«Reply #1 on: July 22, 2010, 05:41:17 PM »
Good luck.  He seems to go from b minor to the dominant f.sharp minor to the dominant of f.sharp minor, c sharp major in first inversion, stays principally in that for a few bars until he hits the diminished 7th (asharp, csharp, e, g) which leads to the dominant fsharp going back to b minor.
But really, do you think this is going to help you?  I played this monstrosity only twice in my life.  Both times because I was forced to.  I'm not saying it's not a masterpiece, (especially when it finally resolves in that glorious second theme at the reprise)  but the development just rambles on and on.  I followed the motive repetitions praying I wouldn't get lost.  I'm curious as to how you are going to analyze this.  Keep us informed.