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a Chopin Recital (Read 9596 times)

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a Chopin Recital
« on: January 09, 2011, 02:06:37 PM »
i am thinking of a hiring a venue for a chopin recital at the end of the year, i was thinking to be worth it, i would play about 20 pieces, going for roughly 90 mins these are the pieces i was hoping to play, i know the first 10 already, so its only a matter of learning the last 10 pieces in a matter of 11 months, what do you think, feasible?

1. Fantaisie Impromptu
2. Op.10 No.3
3. Op.9 No.1
4. Op.69 No.2
5. Op.28 No.4
6. Op.15 No.2
7. Op.Posth No.20
8. Op.28 No.1
9. Op.28 No.13
10. Waltz, No.16

11. Op.37 No.1
12. Op.72 No.1
13. Op.69 No.1
14. Op.64 No.2
15. Op.28 No.15
16. Op.9 No.2
17. Op.27 No.2
18. Op.62 No.2
19. Waltz, Op.18
20. Prelude, Op.45

this is merley a thought at the present time, im not sure how things will turn out in the end.

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