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Chopin's Etude Op.10 no.1 or Liszt's Un Sospiro? (Read 6616 times)

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Chopin's Etude Op.10 no.1 or Liszt's Un Sospiro?
« on: January 19, 2011, 12:31:01 PM »
I've been studying Chopin's "waterfall" etude for about half a year now, but still miss many notes (around 1 in 10!!) when playing them at the actual speed. As for Un Sospiro, I've been playing for a month, and can get through about half of the etude without mistakes.  If I'm lucky, of course.  :'(

So, basically what I would like to know is which one is better for an intermediate amateur?  I'd like to pick just one for studying purposes, as I haven't got enough time for both. ><

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!

On an unrelated note, what do you guys think about Haydn's Piano Sonata, H. XVI?

piano sheet music of Etude

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