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Author Topic: pathetiqe,chopin etude and debussy  (Read 4326 times)
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« on: August 07, 2004, 08:03:58 PM »

if someone can give me advice about this things

beethoven-pathetique- 1.movement-tremolo in left hand and pedaling in grave, and how to keep rhytm

debussy-jardins sous la pluie-how to make pp on begining,and some exercises for thrills

chopin-etude op.10 n.1- how to get fast and keep clearnes

and if someone knows how to concentrate and avoid fear before performing concert? thanx
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piano sheet music of Etude

piano sheet music of Jardins sous la pluie

piano sheet music of Sonata 8 (Pathétique)
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« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2010, 07:42:47 PM »

practice the rythm on pathetique slowly and quietly and evenly first and make sure your only using your fingers not your wrist so that when it goes fast you can keep it really even because your wrist and arm won't get tired. keeping it quiet also makes the piece sound good as well as making sure your hand doesn't tire if you haven't fully mastered the technique of using just your hand and not your whole wrist and arm to play.

debussy - okay so make sure you can play it properly and not bluff through the whole thing you have to know every note. then  make sure you have the right technique - for fast, sometimes quiet and scaly pieces you have to have the technique of playing without using your whole arm. exersizes for this; read clementi exersizes. alsoo make sure u have the right fingering!!!!

trills aquire skills that realy need to be taught and not explained but its the same concept of relaxing your hand muscles. when you play scales and stuff you shoud be able to balance a coin on your hand. a technique to make sure you are only using energy in your hand and not your wrist and arms is to play all the scales like c major, c minor, and c melodic like 4 or 5 octaves, but all of the scales up to b without stopping, very fast. if you can get to the end of that and your wrist isn't aching then you have mastered the technique. for trills DONT EVER bluff them. if you get it wrong don't stop until you have got it right. make sure u can play it clearly slowly, then build up the speed. the skill will come with time.

okay so concentrating and avoiding fear... LOL. its quite easy you know Smiley right i am 15 and ive played in loadddss of concerts and stuff not just with piano but with other instruments  i dont put as much work into. yeah ive made tonnes of mistakes but you just gotta tell yourself it doesn't matter if you make mistakes. or do what i have learnt to do. practice your performance piece UNTIL IT IS LITERALY PERFECT xD when i do that, and when  i KNOW theres like only gona be a 2 % chance of mucking up big time, im hardly nervous at all. if you realy have trouble with nerves, about 2 weeks before your performance ask your friends to drop in as a crowd and watch you. or if you do piano there are many projects around city centres where you have the oppurtuinity to play the paino in public places like shopping centres and it can really boost your confidence. most importantly you have to believe you can do it. if you don't believe then your making yourself more nervous. so yeah, thats about it Cheesy
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