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Recital- 10th Anniverssary program recent Vana Fest 2012, full video embeded! (Read 1182 times)

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Kakkoii! :D
I wouldn't be much of a die hard fanboy if i didn't try to champion the music by exposing folks to great live performances of it. Here Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series composer Kumi Tanioka played a half-hour solo piano concert at the Vana Fest 2012 festival. The pieces performed at the event, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, included "Ronfaure," "Awakening," "Flowers On The Battlefield," "Ragnarok" and "Mog House...

ヴァナ★フェス2012 スペシャルライブ:谷岡久美

Kumi Tanioka plays solo piano at Vana Fest 2012

2012年6月23日・24日に開催された「A DECADE OF FINAL FANTASY XI VANA★FEST2012」より【谷岡久美スペシャルライブ】をお送りします。

hope some people enjoy this, it was a bugger to track down (considering i cannot even read a little bit of Japanese so my creative googling sometimes works, and in this case works quite well)

PS just give the guy a minute to introduce the artist/composer/solist, she comes on stage in pretty short order once the video starts (don't worry he doesn't yammer on and on forever...)