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instructive/educational documentaries, movies and masterclasses about music (Read 2304 times)

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instructive/educational documentaries, movies and masterclasses about music

Do you guys know any of those, i would be very grateful if you name them.
It doesnt have to be about pino only. Music in general is also most welcome.


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On western music generally (though there's an episode devoted to piano), I'd recommend Howard Goodall's Big Bangs.

Daniel Barenboim's series of masterclasses on Beethoven sonatas is well worth a look.

Simon Rattle's Leaving Home: Orchestral Music in the 20th Century is excellent, if a bit pricey.
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If you do a google search and type in " In search of ..." in the dots put in a composer and there are dvds on the lives of different composers

Or do a search " great composers dvd" and you there will be some good ones also mainly on the lives of the composers

If your a die hard bach fan check this one out. its very informative.