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I need your help, what are prestigious piano brands? (Read 2074 times)

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I need your help, what are prestigious piano brands?
« on: October 07, 2012, 06:23:13 PM »
 Hi, I go to NYU and we are trying to get a feel for the customer perspective in the piano market. Any questions you can answer will provide a tremendous amount of help, no need to reply to all of them!  Surveys are fun! have a great, stressfree day:) thanks so much!

● Have you heard of Petrof? How?
○ Yes or No
● What do you know about the Petrof brand?
● Compare Petrof to a car brand. Why are the two similar?
○ (e.g. Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, or Toyota)
● Rank the following attributes from most important to least important when purchasing a new piano: brand legacy/prestige, price, performance grade, durability, and service.
● What do you consider the best piano brand? Why?
○ Petrof, Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Bluthner, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Schimmel, Other
● For what reason would you buy a highest quality piano?
○ For a school/university, concert use, instructive use, home/causual use, decorative
● Is purchasing a piano from a brand with a long legacy important to you? Why?
○ Yes or No
● Is purchasing a piano from a brand that does not use cheap foreign labor important to you? Why?
○ Yes or No
● Would you consult a piano dealer when purchasing a high-investment piano?
○ Yes or No
● When purchasing a new piano, is it important for you to buy from a brand that is well-known? (e.g. Steinway & Sons, Yamaha)
○ Yes or No
● How would you find more information when looking to purchase a piano?
○ The internet, a Dealer, specific company, word-of-mouth
● Would you prefer to buy from piano brands with a wide range of products and price levels or one with a few established products?
○ Yes or No
● What’s a reasonable price for a highest quality grand piano, in your opinion?
○ $10,000-$29,999; $30,000-59,999; $60,000-$99,999; $100,000-$150,000+
● How important is it for brands to be able to customize individual, highest-quality pianos in accordance with the buyer’s needs?
○ 1. Very important, 2. important, 3. somewhat important, 4. not important
● If purchasing a piano, would you be interested in a vertical or grand piano?
○ Vertical or Grand
● What kinds of service do you expect from highest quality piano manufacturers? (check all that apply)
○ Frequent Tune-ups, long-lasting warranties, consulting on preservation, quick and free delivery,
● Would you prefer for your piano to be handmade or factory-made using computerization?
○ Handmade or Factory-made
● What part of the world do you think the best pianos come from: North America, Asia, Eastern/Central Europe, or Western Europe?

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Re: I need your help, what are prestigious piano brands?
«Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 07:24:31 PM »

can't fool me! different subject line, very clever!
ps  i did respond in the instruments board. 8)