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The Future of Online Music Consumption

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Author Topic: 2013-10-27: Cello/Piano Sonatas. La Jolla, California  (Read 1877 times)
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I am joining my good friend Janet White, a fine cellist from Britain who is also chair of the ACMP (Association of Chamber Music Players) for three sonatas in beautiful La Jolla, California. We shall begin with Beethoven's Op. 69 in A Major (written in 1808, the year he also finished and published the 5th and 6th symphonies, the Op. 70 trios, and the violin concerto). Following that comes the Cello Sonata of Frederick Delius (nothing else is quite like it!) and Brahms' Op. 38 in E minor (if one can find story-telling in music, one can find it in this moving, expressive masterpiece).

Admission is free.
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