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Topic: Is it true you can get details of old Steinways from Steinway Hall, UK?  (Read 1960 times)

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Hi everyone!

I wasn't sure whether to post this here or under "Instruments", so I tossed a coin and ... well ... here we are  ;D

Having decided to ditch my career in law and become a piano teacher, I've just been lucky enough to buy the piano of my dreams - a Hamburg Steinway grand.  A new one was out of the question price-wise, but I found a glorious 1938 Model O which had been completely rebuilt (except for the soundboard, which was just re-finished) by Steinway Agents here in the UK.

Looking at its serial number, it was built in 1938.  I've heard tales that you can write to Steinway Hall and request details about old pianos they sold.  I was just wondering if this is true, if anyone's done it, and if anyone knows what sort of info you tend to get back?  Thanks, lovely people!

Oh, and I can't resist it - here's a pic of my new baby.  God, I've dreamed of having one of these since I was a small boy!

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Congrats on your Steinway grand. I have an 1893 Steinway upright which I think was made in Hamburg. I tried to get details of it from Steinway but they just sent a glossy brochure about what they do. With a grand you may have more luck.

I share your enthusiasm about Steinways. After years of battered ex-pub and school 'joannas', owning a Steinway, even if it is an upright, is something special. The dynamic range, in particular, is impressive.

Best wishes,

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