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Thinking on planning things/practicing (Read 749 times)

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Thinking on planning things/practicing
« on: September 27, 2014, 01:58:06 AM »
(Or I was.... I'm zoning out now.)

My practicing and other things have become dry.  I'm thinking varying things is good, to some extent at least.

Man, I can't think anymore today....

I was thinking the first step, to make it doable, might be to just write down what I am doing.

I thought maybe a piano practicing blog, here or linked to another site.  I've seen people do that, but... I wonder if I would do that so much.

Maybe it's the change part that's hard.

When I'm practicing or doing something (like exercise, esp exercise) I'm possibly more focused on doing that rather than thinking (esp. deep thinking) and planning. 

Write it down.  Vary a few things.

Come up with a few 'variation routines' on things.  Otherwise I'm doing the exact same thing everyday.  The body and mind adjust to that.... Things unused atrophy.   Things pushed may not have enough recovery time.  That's the key point.  I just keep grinding myself away and don't make as much process as  I might.

And then I'm thinking maybe a set of routines, something like four routines.  That would keep things a little more interesting for practicing.  I'd have to think/focus more on what I'm doing.  And it would allow recovery time.

But there's... When do I actually plan that out? 

Which gets back to time management.... The only solution is to plan out blocks of time to work on things.  I would have to devote some time to planning and skip practicing or sacrifice some practicing time.  I suppose....
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