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Pitching: The Piano Bootcamp: a steep learningcurve for ambitious pianists (Read 1864 times)

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Hi fellow teachers and musicians,

I'd like to pitch an idea with you that I'm currently developing in The Netherlands. I was asked by one of my more ambitious piano students if I could come up with a way to give his piano level a boost in a short amount of time. In a month (or so) he wanted to be taught what normally would have taken a year. And money was no object...don't you love those students?

As I'm intrigued by the learning and studying proces, I always try to find the bigger picture on piano practise and I try to set a complete and overall context on music education. I've already made up a list of things that should be in the piano bootcamp, but I'm really curious what fellow (international!) pianists find important in this matter. How do you think a student can boost his/her level of playing. Assuming they will make a serious effort themselves of course.

Let me know, musical greeting from The Netherlands,

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