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Zlata Chochieva is one of the most interesting musicians of her generation, with her breathtaking technique and musicality as well as with her choice of repertoire. "(re)creations", her latest CD, offers an exquisite collection of transcriptions by her great heroes, Rachmaninoff, Liszt and Friedman, and in the title lies the secret of this special art form, so closely related to the piano. Read more >>

Topic: Piano stories  (Read 1156 times)

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Piano stories
on: July 01, 2015, 02:16:50 PM
I'd like to hear some of your memorable experiences as piano players...drama, funny, horror, etc., whatever.

Let me share one of mine. I'll be quoting my own Youtube comment:

When I was younger, a teenager in an exclusive high school for boys, I had become infatuated with this girl. She was especially beautiful, a rare gem amongst many who disguised their looks with clever (but often not tasteful) usage of make-up and fashion.

Peer pressure coerced me to find a partner for our Juniors' Prom. At this time, the girl hadn't really become my fancy yet, although her good looks and natural beauty left a strong impression on me.

Well, one day, in a social event, my friend had brought this beautiful, white rose - later on I had learned that he had already asked her (or so I thought!). Upon learning this, my heart was filled with much disappointment, frustration, and regret. It was as if reality had stepped on me. I had lost such a great opportunity.

My spirits extremely low, I had tried to find an avenue to express my aching psyche. There was this old piano inside our school chapel. I played on it, Liebestraume - this piece, yes - which was, at that time, played by someone else who inspired me to study it by myself.

While playing the piece, I was filled with a feeling of great ecstasy. The music echoed in the dark depths of the chapel (this was during the evening, and the chapel's lights were off). I was alone, and it seemed as if I had encountered personally Our Providence Himself. It is hard to look for moments in life when I had felt such great joy and bliss - I could feel His presence very strongly. It was as if He had chosen to revealed Himself through the music, at a most opportune time.

Well, I later discovered that my friend did NOT invite THAT girl to prom, but someone else. It was, of course, delighted to know of the fact. Time was running out and I had to make my move.

You might understand that it was very frightening for me to do this, being a shy fellow, and one who is rarely exposed to the ladies. I did the only thing I could do -- I invited her online! In front of everyone! I did not care, this was my only chance!!! And she agreed.

You might also understand that our meeting did not go as I had wished. My shy nature did not help at all. And she wasn't exactly blessed with the charisma to liven me up; besides, it seemed that she was not interested one bit in my character. Perhaps she just agreed to experience the event, not to know who I was. Nevertheless, we had shied from each other, and for me, that wasn't a happy ending. Period.

Even today, I feel this is unfinished buisness. I had felt as if the task is not done, as if there is still a gap something that needed to be filled in, as if I am not done with her. How it will be, I do not know.

EAARGGHH such cheese.  :-[ >:(

Oh well. Have to be true to ourselves...

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Re: Piano stories
Reply #1 on: July 01, 2015, 09:11:48 PM
I was in a practice room playing the Maple Leaf Rag one day at my college where I was a computer science major.    A man suddenly opened the door and very excitedly told me that the jazz band needed a piano player and I would be perfect.  I said I don't know how to play jazz--he said I will get you scholarship money--I said--guess I will learn jazz...

I had no idea what I was doing but I loved the class so I signed up for it again the next semester.  On the first day of school I was walking down the hall and I saw this incredibly handsome man carrying a guitar.   I thought--"cool, he's going to be in my class."

Well he was in my class...within a week we were dating.   At the end of the semester we moved away together to attend the University of North Texas where I changed my major to music.

We have been married now 17 years....lol

what if I hadn't been playing that day?  what if I had been playing Beethoven and not Scott Joplin?        I may have never met my husband...

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