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Solo/Ensemble Piece Advice (Read 862 times)

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Solo/Ensemble Piece Advice
« on: September 14, 2015, 12:07:20 AM »
So....I need advice. I want to do a class A piano solo for Solo/Ensemble this year. Any advice would be really appreciated.
 That's the piece list. There's 50 pieces on the list, and I've played some of them. (Played meaning gotten to a point where getting to a performance standard would be pretty easy.) I'm really not a very good pianist though.

I've played 11 (Pathetique 1 and 2), I've looked at 13, Played 16 (37/1, couple others), fiddled with 22 and 26, played 31, and played (a bit) 40. I know this is kind of a pain, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!