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Feurich 122 vs Petrof 125 (Read 2686 times)

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Feurich 122 vs Petrof 125
« on: September 18, 2015, 06:31:40 PM »
Hello, I'm an intermediate student and want to upgrade my piano. I have a small beginners piano and I need a more responsive one with better dynamics and touch etc. I have been looking at different pianos and from the sub 4000 pound range I like the Feurich, which is assembled in China. Its fine to play and has an ok sound but its not fantastic, solid but not amazing. A bit like a yamaha or kawai I have found. I have also looked at more expensive ones and I found the Petrof 125 to be very nice indeed, very round and clear tone, full bodied and fantastic action. But its 7300 pounds, a bit more than the Feurich.

So I'm wondering what people here would do. Take the Feurich and upgrade later if I want to when I get better, and take the loss and the hassle of the resale. Or would they go straight for the Petrof?

All advice appreciated,

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Re: Feurich 122 vs Petrof 125
«Reply #1 on: September 18, 2015, 07:41:23 PM »
i'd get the best piano my budget allows.  the point of a budget is to set your cieling.  so if you say you will not spend more than x number of pounds/dollars/etc. then you search for a solution that allows you to stay within that number, or you reasses your cash position and increase the budget.

if you will stay w your first money goal, broaden your net. i would search out a used instrument so that you get the sound/brand you seem partial too but that fits your budget.

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Re: Feurich 122 vs Petrof 125
«Reply #2 on: October 28, 2015, 11:42:19 PM »
I agree you need to set your budget to buy the piano and search instrument within these limits.
Also, try and play that piano which matches your budget. It takes a long time but it worth it.
Personally, never played Feurich but always will advice Petrof. 125 is very good piano.
Think, also if you gonna need Grand in the nearest future? Do you need really expensive piano now? You can find reasonably priced used pianos with all needed qualities you are looking for. Just spend more time looking. :)