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Topic: Best digital piano courses Free or payed?  (Read 1070 times)

Offline christian0710

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Best digital piano courses Free or payed?
on: October 11, 2015, 05:59:31 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm an amature pianist looking for some recommended piano courses that can guide me to become a great pianist. I'm very interested in learning the following:

Finger techniques for playing fast, playing scales and chord progressions. I'm very intrested in understanding what fingering techniques are important and good for pianists to learn. 

Understanding how to approach learning a new complex piano song: What techniques and what understanding of the piano is important and will help me when I need to learn to play a new piece of music? 

Understanding how to read notes fast (I'm very slow at it)

Any suggestions? Youtube videos? Courses? Websites?

Kind regards,

Offline adodd81802

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Re: Best digital piano courses Free or payed?
Reply #1 on: October 14, 2015, 08:23:21 AM
To be honest Christian, i'd suggest getting a piano teacher.

And I think most others would suggest the same.

There are literally 1000's of youtube videos that advise on technique, that give tutorials on piano pieces, on reading music, on scales, but without the correct foundation knowledge you can interpret all these information 1000's of ways with only a handful likely to apply to you and to assist rather than set you back.

If you can find a good teacher they will not only be able to answer your questions but to assess you along your journey to identify areas of concern and also areas of proficiency.

You questions are general, those of which a pianist at any level will constantly look for new ways, to play faster, to have better 'technique' to read notes quicker and there are pianists (no offence) with far greater skills then what you most likely possess right now and I can tell you they too will be using a piano teacher.

If this is not an option for you, the reality is - practice. Learning to practice right is key, but there is no quick fix, you have to read notes over and over, to practice scales over and over, to constantly assess your technique, your position at the piano, your theory on music and the piano, at the beginner level there is so much to take in it can be overwhelming, (sorry to echo here) but a teacher is good to give this to you in digest-able chunks that don't make you feel like there's no end.

In these forums, i'd say your best bet is post videos of your playing, create posts on music you're struggling with or notes you can't read, or a scale you don't understand and somebody will be happy to clarify or help you out. There are many piano teachers 'lurking' within these forums.

But I don't personally think you're going to get a nice tidy answer to all your questions otherwise this forum would be empty ;)

Hope that helps.
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