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4/5 finger motions. (Read 945 times)

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4/5 finger motions.
« on: October 13, 2015, 10:35:03 AM »
So this definitely suits the miscellaneous.

If I open my left hand full (all fingers touching like you were about to grab a door handle or something)

I can lower my pinky finger so that it's nearly touching the palm, and can do this without the other 3 fingers moving down. I feel a little tension on the ring finger but I can do it.  now when I say Pink down I don't mean the full finger it seems that the middle joint stops at 90 Degress and the rest bends straight down so i'm at 180% to the other fingers and nearly touching the palm.

However on the right hand I can only get the little finger about 45 degrees down. I also can't replicate the same bended join without pulling down the 4th significantly

Now I can feel there's something different going on on the left hand but can't work out what, there is a tiny "popping" feeling as it comes down like it's doing something different to achieve this motion.

What do people think, can anybody do this.

I am thinking my ability to do this has created more clarity in the left hand on faster passages, where as in the right hand I often feel a tiny slur when trying to run up the keyboard fast when it comes to the 4th and 5th.

Maybe some assistance with eliminating might be handy, I sometimes practice studies that involve 4/5 trils to build up the strength.

I'm right handed, but one thing I noticed I can easily twirl a pen between all fingers of my left hand but the right it sort of stop on the 4/5 again.
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