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Baldwin Grand on PBS-TV 10/17/15 (Read 927 times)

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Baldwin Grand on PBS-TV 10/17/15
« on: October 18, 2015, 11:50:53 AM »
Did everybody catch Austin City Limits show last night?  Asleep At the Wheel band was performing, and the pianist was at the keys of a shiny black Baldwin grand.  There were big gold letters on the right, in the fashion that became popular only after the Baldwin factory layoff.
I wonder if this is Ray Benson's road equipment or if this is now a Moody Theater staple?  I suspect the former, as new to the band equipment was a beat up looking Fender steel lap guitar, in the hands of the same tall Stetson hatted player as previous shows.  
Mr Benson made a speech about new generations discovering American roots music before the Averett brothers band came on to do a number.     I'm glad he has discovered American roots instruments in his latest performances.  It is cool to perform on wood that might have grown as a maple or cherry tree in your yard, with steel strings drawn in Ohio:  Instead of a carbon fiber plastic action that is only available from a high tech factory on another continent.  The previous act, Sturgis Simpson had entertained with piano like backup riffs on a piece of plastic they had the good taste to paint out all the letters except a big white "and". 
If you're not familiar with Asleep at the Wheel they are a mid-Texas band that has been reviving the Bob Wills genre of big band music since at least 1970.  I was driving to university one morning about 1970 when in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn at I59 and S. Shepard (Houston) I spotted a fifties Scenicruiser bus with "Asleep at the Wheel" painted down the side in foot tall letters on a maroon band.  Something to scare you as you whiz by on  two lane Texas six in the dark after the band played a  show.