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RUSSIAN PEDAGOGY VS AMERICAN...one preferred over the other or are they the same (Read 1016 times)

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I have the opportunity to take classes from a Russian born and Tchaikovsky, Moscow Conservatory graduate whom also studied in the USA as well.

Also there is an American teacher that studied and teaches university in the USA.

If i "click" with both and like both...is there a difference or do some people have a preference on Russian Pedagogy vs American?  Are they different methods but the same results?

Any advice/opinions will be appreciated.


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at one point they were pretty diverse... but since the fall of the Soviet Union that is not so much the case....  although there are many here that will argue that there is still a difference--an there is.. it is not nearly as great a divide as it once was. So many teachers came here to the US from the former communist block nations that nowadays to simply go by where they were trained doesn't necessarily define how they were trained.

I would focus on the personal attributes of each teacher and make your decision based on which one you feel is best for you...:)