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Animenz Pieces (Read 5481 times)

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Animenz Pieces
« on: November 05, 2015, 07:12:33 AM »
Hi everyone, I have been teaching for 8 years, and enjoy it :)  I think my student seems to be bored with classical music lately. Reason is, he kept telling me of some music called 'Tokyo Ghoul' and Animenz or Theister. Honestly, I didn't know what on earth he was talking about. I did look on internet, and it has opened my eyes to another world of music. It seems there are dozens of free sheet music from this composer?  My student is grade 4 level, but seems inspired by this type of music. I told him that I actually liked it also, and he actually remarked 'Yes!' I finally got you interested in modern music!' I was just wondering what grade is 'Tokyo Ghoul'? I told him its difficult, but I found a simpler arrangement for him. He seems happy to learn it. Is anyone familiar with this pieces, and if so, do you teach your students this type of music?   

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Re: Animenz Pieces
«Reply #1 on: December 20, 2015, 10:33:54 PM »
Hi Ameliatan :

Well I dont know if you'll find this useful since I'm replying a month later haha a bit late, but anyway im gonna answer this :p

Im not a piano teacher, I'm an advanced piano student ( actually this is my last year in the conservatory of music; I have been studying & playing in the conservatory for ten years now). I have always loved classic music, but I've been also  attracted to what you call "Animenz" and "Theishter" music. They are not composers, they are arrangers who arranges music from different shows called "Anime".

Well, Tokyo Ghoul is a very famous "anime" ( show ) which it's opening theme was arranged for piano by Theishter and Animenz. There are many versions, but those 2 are the most famous and complete.

You asked for what grade would that piece be :

- Theishter arrangement it's not "very" hard, it would be a 9-10 grade.

-Animenz arrangement of Tokyo Ghoul theme, is very complex and hard. It "would be" ARCT in piano perfomance, I would say it is as hard as pieces such Waldstein sonata or Moment musicaux nš4 by Rachmaninoff...etc. It is a very hard piece to learn. It is probably the hardest transcription ever made by Animenz.

On the other hand you were talking about teaching this type of music. As I said before, I always loved that kind of music, and im very very familiar to it. I always brought pieces like this when I was younger to my piano teacher in the conservatory and she always helped me with them and sometimes I even played some in auditions. It is perfectly right to teach students all kind of music as long as they dont neglect classical music, studies, scales...or whatever they have in their program. It's very fruitful for students to learn this kind of pieces, which have harmonies and themes very similar to classical music.

I hope this helped you a bit, if not I'm sorry :p

See you !