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Left Handed Piano? (Read 1596 times)

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Left Handed Piano?
« on: November 05, 2015, 09:15:51 AM »
Was interested if it was ever considered or even a concept?

It looks like this guy
is playing on a left handed piano but I didn't see many links so it seems it didn't kick off.

Do left handed pianists feel any discomfort leading with the right hand? Do they have more strength in their right?

Chopin was left handed and so would suggest that it made no difference if you trained long enough, but I wonder had he used a left-handed piano if we would have saw a different Chopin altogether, I believe in general he was considered to have a weak technique despite being a great Pianist, maybe that was due to leading with the right hand?

Lots of other instruments have left-handed designs but there jobs are usually very different, piano is one of the few where despite the jobs being similar, they are still different and yet you are still expected equal or near equal ability in both.
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Re: Left Handed Piano?
«Reply #1 on: November 05, 2015, 09:46:25 AM »
I am a lefty..and I always felt it gave me the advantage at the piano.  Actually, like most south-paw pianists I am  ambidextrous.  I write with my LH but I bowl and shoot pool and use a knife with my RH...   I feel no discomfort leading with my RH

  A left handed piano...hmmm... now I am curious as to what that would be like and what I could do with it.   I know there's a way to flip my keyboard to LH mode... and I would be fine with that as I can easily change it back.  Don't know if I would want to buy one though.  

it would definitely freak the mind out for a while...  like bizzaro world.. but once you got used to it... hmmm.  Imagine how much stronger technically and just how much smarter your hands would get if you played say Debussy's 1st Arabesque and flipped the 3 against 2--or even better --- a Bach partita...  :o  wow...   If you relearned some pieces on the LH piano...think of how WELL you would know them after that.   hmmmm.

then there's stride, boogie-woogie, and walking bass...switching that would add a whole new dimension to the RH..    I would imagine that it would completely solidify hand independence after switching back and forth from the standard to the LH keyboard...  that might be worth a little research to find out.  I am also wondering how quickly I would be able to play by ear on the LH mode... would my brain just flip it... or what..

might have to do some experimenting...  I will get back to you addod.  I think you may be on to something... ;D