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Topic: Post your best music [HERE]  (Read 1306 times)

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Post your best music [HERE]
on: November 12, 2015, 11:32:54 AM
      Hey Guys and Gals, I just finished this article about why and how your should focus on only your very best music when trying to build a solid music career.

      Seems kinda obvious but so many people miss the target I thought it was time to lay it out in detail.

      Please review it when you have time and let me know what I can improve.

      It would also be amazing if you could go through the exercise yourself and post your own "BEST EVER STUFF" below. I'd love to hear it.


PART 1 - How To Impress New Music Fans And Hook Them In For Life]

Today we'll be going through my simple and quick “GOLD DIGGER” exercise together, which will show you how to start building  what I call “Music Addiction” in any fan... where they become a cheerleader for your music and can’t get enough of you.


If you follow this exercise today here’s the good stuff that could happen:

  • Fans will share your music faster and more often.
  • Some of those fans will even become “addicted” to your persona, story and music.
  • You won’t get ignored by people in the music industry as much.
  • You will start to build an army of lifelong supporters and superfans.
  • You will cure a dangerous bias that holds most musicians in the “failure cave” often for life. Spooky right!
  • You will only promote music you know people will like, and “win before the game begins”.

If you ignore this here’s the bad stuff that could happen:

  • You will cry about the music business being unfair and some secret conspiracy to keep you down.
  • You will waste time and energy (and life power) focusing on unproven music that may flop.
  • You will waste that precious spark of attention when a new fan discovers and starts to explore your music for the first time.
  • It might feel like nobody on the planet cares about your music at all.
  • You will find it hard to have anyone listen to your music for more than ten minutes.
  • The music industry will seem almost blind to your talent.
  • Fans may listen to your music once and never again.
  • You will have no good news (music wise) to tell friends and family about.

“Don’t promote the new thing, promote the best thing” - Dr Ben Sword :-)

If you’re like me (and most musicians) you’re defective in a very critical way…

See, don’t we always think that the newest music we just made is the best thing ever?

Did I get a ballseye there?

This is a problem because it means that we all run around like headless chicken-nuggets shouting about the song we wrote last night…

...when sometimes new fans are just thinking… “I don’t get it” ...and that right there is the silent moment you lose them forever.

Meanwhile - hiding in your closet is a piece of musical gold that would have the world jumping for joy if you dug it up and brought it back to life… but you don’t like to talk about that old stuff because you’ve moved on...am I right?

It’s OK to write off all your old music of course...if you don’t mind failing in your musical dreams.

Oooo that was harsh!

I’m not saying “don't make new music” of course...I love bands that are stubborn in always playing new songs at shows even though fans would like to hear the hits, because that’s how a band grows, you’re giving the fans what’s good for them as a community.

So YES new music is key! … The band with zero new music is a “dieing” band, a Dinosaur.


But the important point is that right at the start of the journey, when someone has that little spark of interest, you need to put five solid hooks in them, so they never leave you.


Sounds painful right!

But it’s going to be fun and quick... so get ready to learn something.

Key points so far: It’s easier to promote a good song rather than an OK one... Or... it’s easier to push a boulder down a hill rather than up it.

At the moment, you might not have a clue which songs you should be pushing and are working totally blind.

Below is a brief and fun exercise to help you dig up the stuff you should be focusing on.

[PART 2: Do this “GOLD DIGGER” exercise now...if you require lifelong fans who spread the word:]

1. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

2. Open up a Google Spreadsheetand start to brainstorm everything cool you’ve ever done in a long single column one below the other.

(Don’t stop writing for the whole 20 minutes OK hotshot)

Once the timer “dings” you should have a whole list of the best stuff you’ve ever done.

3. Next I want you to go through that list and put a star next to the best of the best...rule is... you only have five stars to work with so pick carefully.

4. Now we need to quickly sort this list so we put all your best stuff to the top where you can focus on it.

Here’s how to sort your spreadsheet...

  • use your mouse to highlight all the info in column A and B …
  • then find the “data” button at the top of the spreadsheet and click it…
  • next find the “sort range” button and click it…
  • now sort by column B…which is where the stars are...
  • and finally click the blue “sort” button to put all your best stuff to the top.

Don’t get stuck on this spreadsheet sorting thing for ten years, it’s just details...if in doubt simply write this out on a new piece of good old reliable paper.

Exercise complete...

Moving forward ...each time a new fan hears about your music... your mission is to put the best music forward and make sure they know about your best stuff .

After they’ve seen your best stuff it will be a great moment to sell them some music. But that’s another lesson for another day.

ROBOTS CAN DO THIS FOR YOU: there is a magic email tool called an autoresponder that will allow you to set up automatic email for each new fan so they will get all your best stuff on autopilot

Bottom line is that these five awesome “hooks” will lead them into everything else you do.

Also focus on this “golden nugget” list as you test marketing ideas to build your position in your music scene. Simply put:

  • If you want a gig, make sure your promoter has heard your best songs. If you want radio...make sure the Dj hears your best songs.
  • I think you will get a nice surprise that from now on people will be pleased to hear from you more often.

[PART 3 - Questions to restart your mind when you get stuck...]

When you’re brainstorming (or writing anything) your fingers should not stop mashing the computer keyboard for the entire 20 minutes...write “blah blah blah” if you have to... your clever brain will soon get you back on track…

Keep the following questions in mind to get the ideas flowing. Read through before you start the timer:

  • What are you most proud of musically?
  • What cover song can you play really well?
  • What is your biggest natural ability?
  • What can you do easily that most people find hard?
  • What is the best thing you’ve ever learned?
  • What other new musicians are you excited about, or are you good at knowing about underground new music? Could you share your spotify playlist?
  • If you had a massive surprise gig in five minutes what would you play?
  • What cool websites have you heard about lately that blew you away, could you share a list of those?
  • What amazing life-changing books or movies have you seen, could you share a list of those?
  • List all music you have recorded since you started?
  • List all videos you have made since you started?
  • What are your best reviews?
  • What are the nicest things fans have ever said on social media? (Take a pick and share a booklet of quotes)
  • What are your best stories from your life and music career?
  • What are your biggest moments in life?
  • What did a wise man once tell you?
  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
  • Have you mastered a clever skill at work which you now take for granted even though the rest of the world would see you as an expert?
  • What crazy things have happened in your life?
  • What have been the pivotal moments in your life?
  • Do you make your music in an interesting way that you could make a video about?
  • What cool people do you know or have you worked with? Could you interview them?

[PART 4 - You’re biased...here’s how to focus on what fans really want:]

Just keep in mind that you’re biased about your music...of course you are, these songs are your children...so come at this with the filter of what your fans “tell you” they like most, and try to remember what impressed people most in the past without too much pushing from you.

Here are some questions to overcome your bias to new music and really dig down to what fans want.

  • What got most plays on youtube, likes on facebook, retweets on twitter?
  • What songs do fan sing along with loudest at shows?
  • What songs do fans ask you to play most at shows?
  • If you had a gun to your head and one song to save your life what would you play?

Tip 1: If you’re really confused ask friends, family and fans what your best stuff is.

Tip 2: Listen for what really gets people moving at shows.

Tip 3: YouTube thumbs up, facebook like and twitter retweets are also a telltale sign of some hidden gold.

[PART 5 - Here’s what to do right now...]

The most successful people in life try out new ideas FAST...see how it worked out...tweak stuff...then try again.

So copy the players by taking action before the cat gets sick and you forget.

Here are your RIGHT NOW actions steps:

  • Open up a google spreadsheet.
  • Set your timer.
  • Start typing until the clock runs out... RUSH, HURRY, DON”T STOP!
  • Type blah blah blah if you have to.
  • Sort your best stuff.
  • Take out a sheet of paper, write up the five best things you’ve ever done in big letters and pin it to your wall where you will be reminded each day.

Now focus everything you do moving forward on your best stuff and use the tools to make it automatic.

Your mission in life is to knock something out of the top five list, so you keep making new stuff and try and improve on your “Greatest Hits”.

That is all.


Ben Sword

Save This! Then press here to share it...

P.S I heard the way you learn is to try something, see how it worked, then tweak it and try again.

So set yourself a reminder on your phone to brainstorm your best stuff again tomorrow.[/list][/list]
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