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Oregon "Militia" (Read 819 times)

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Oregon "Militia"
« on: January 04, 2016, 03:27:48 PM »
So, being a resident of Oregon, all the local news stations have been covering how 150 armed white men (led, if I'm not mistaken, by the sons of Cliven Bundy) took control of a federal building in Oregon.
Naturally, the media is calling them a local militia.
Imagine, for a minute, if this were 150 Jihadists taking over a federal building. We'd have worldwide *** coverage of this. Everyone would be flipping their sh*t. But 150 white dudes? Nah, they're just militia men standing up for the rights of us patriots!
Can one muslim please join so that the media will actually call them out for what they are? That being terrorists, and not some martyr of a cause best left in colonial times?
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