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Grand piano "Bluthner" it's remembers the hands Richter (Read 1097 times)

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Grand piano "Bluthner" it's remembers the hands Richter
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:50:44 AM »
  Itís pitch in November 2014

  now, December 2015

In the regional West Kazakstan philharmonic society by name G. Kurmangaliyeva hosted a concert of chamber ensemble "Classic", dedicated to the memory of famous musician Y.I.Saveliev and the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory War.
The ensemble "Classic" in our city (Uralsk) is known and loved by many people. Members of the ensemble "Classic" is virtuosos and professionals who have real talent and a genuine love of music also.
Chamber ensemble "Classic" was created in 1996. In the repertoire ensemble have chamber and vocal works of the great composers of XVIII-XX centuries as original compositions and transcriptions of recognized creators of classics of the Romantic movement, impressionism, as well as works by contemporary authors.
The artistic director of the ensemble is a flutist Vladimir Bayandin. Albina Musakulova (piano), Valery Puzatkin (oboe) and Askhat Hasanov (contrabass). Also in the concert was attended by the famous Uralsk singer and cultural activist Vladimir Kultyushnov, singer of West Kazakstan philharmonic Murat Amirhanov , clarinetist Mikhail Elizarov and pianist Gulmira Taschanova.
The audience could enjoy the works and songs by famous composers, especially audience inspired a piece "Polka" of Dmitri Shostakovich. Also romances was performed here.

Max was invited to set up a piano "Bluthner" (GDR). It's a piano late eighties gave the only concert in our town Uralsk, Sviatoslav Richter. This piano for over 10 years has been dismantled and is idle near the toilet room. Then a piano was re-installed in the hall of West Kazakh Philharmonic Society named after Kurmangaliyeva but it did not have a proper service. "Bluthner" had lower pitch many inaccuracies and a temperament also. Max had tried make a piano to A=440Hz for two days before the concert. What came out of it? to judge you ladies and gentlemen.
With love from Uralsk (Republic of Kazakhstan),
Yours truly, Max
P.S: Do and mark your estimates Max's tuning (+) or (-), please. Be objective and tolerant as your pros and cons of a chance for me to stay in the profession a tuner.
Enjoy watching ours show