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Schools of Piano Playing (Read 1056 times)

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Schools of Piano Playing
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:14:32 PM »
So, I've been wondering, I have my own approach to playing piano, it's working well for me but I do sometimes wonder if I neglect to check if there are any good ideas I can incorporate into my method. I'd like to know what piano advice, (not advice for idiots or beginners please, give me a little credit) and Piano schools of thought people would recommend me checking out.

While I don't really want to adopt a new religion of piano playing (as some schools present themselves) I at least want to see if there are a couple good ideas to steal.

To quickly explain my approach.

1. Complete fingering and physical analysis of a piece before even playing it.
2. Rare but regular practice of any one piece, it allows for a huge rep and eliminates the diminishing returns of repeating pieces overmuch in a single session.
3. I don't really have an approach for how I use my body beyond trying to avoid strain and doing things naturally. I just focus on music and generally my technique is better the more attuned I am to the music.
4. I play creatively, I don't really care about playing things according to authentic practice or anything like that, those that enjoy or care to play like that may, I play how I like and according to my own musical values. Stifling that is flat out wrong and is done way too much.
5. However I am rigorous in my rhythms, voicing and in following the score carefully, I diverge once I understand what I want to do.
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