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VI Piano Bridges Amateur Competition, July 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia (Read 1054 times)

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Dear friends,

VI Piano Bridges International Competition for Amateur Pianists will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 4 9, 2016.

We welcome amateur pianists aged 17 and above from all countries, people of various occupations for whom piano playing is a serious hobby, but not a professional activity.

The Piano Bridges Competition was founded in July 2011, in keeping with the best traditions in Europe and around the world. Over the five years of its existence, it has welcomed participants from 28 countries.

The Piano Bridges International Competition is one of the few in the world that provides its contestants with a unique opportunity to perform not only a solo repertoire but also in a piano duo four hands or two pianos.

The other significant feature is the monthly concerts with the participation of the finalist and winners of the competition that are held throughout the year at different venues in St. Petersburg and other cities.

The educational part of the competition includes free masterclasses held by the jury members.

Starting from 2016 the contestants will be able to receive feedback from the jury members at a specially organized meeting after the first round.

Applications are accepted until May 31, 2016.

More information on the web site: www.pianobridges.com
+7 921 938 93 99

Look forward to seeng you in St. Petersburg!