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On Being a Pianist in Kenya - Against All Odds
It is hard enough to train as a classical pianist, even in a Western country with good access to instruments, sheet music and advanced tuition. If you happen to live in Kenya, where nothing of the above is easily available, the many obstacles make it almost impossible. Yet, there are people with an absolute determination to learn. Piano Street has talked to pianist Cordelia Williams, whose new documentary film depicts a new generation on track to break the "glass ceiling" of classical music in Kenya. Read more >>

Topic: Getting that Jazzy Sound: A Primer on dim7 Substitutions  (Read 1039 times)

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Well, hereís a quick primer on Bartok substitutions, which is what Jazz theorists Conrad Cork and John Elliot call them (the concept goes by different names throughout the Jazz world). Its a really powerful way to access a Jazzy sound thatís applicable to any number of genres. Read More