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What makes music so special?!? (Read 853 times)

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What makes music so special?!?
« on: May 25, 2016, 11:11:44 PM »
--Damn youtube 😌 16 minute improvs are too long for them ... 😞 --

Hey forum members
It's me "Panolof" again 😏
"Crying to the Heavens", I'd have to say is the greatest improv I've ever done.
The harmonies 🌅💙🌅 ... The mix of previous ideas ❤️ The ebb and flow of sound 💙🌅❤️🌅💙
You will like it - it will take some time to listen through, but it is worth your while.
Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

If you want to listen to the better part, go for part 2 of 2. They're long, and I know people are impatient  ... It's ok, we all are 😉  --- I reitterate, listen to both, unless you're impatient 😏
And to conclude: my improvs are going to get longer 😏👌 or stay at 15 minutes +-

Questions: What do you honestly think. Answer simply if it's too difficult to answer 🌊 Like: "I hated it; I loved it; I liked this sectiom though etc."

Youtube description:

🌊"Crying to the Heavens"🌊
🎹By Pano Pouroullis🎹

This Improvisation is by far the most personal and heart wrenching improv I've done yet ...
It was felt most. Felt so much more than all the other improvs.
My god tells me, good, you're finding me.
I was actually "Crying to the Heavens" when I felt, breathed, believed this. This piece is me Crying to the Heavens and discovering god, not God.


"But I never know why"

I was crying inside, deep inside.
I pondered why?
There were never any answers.
But why? I'll never know.

I Cry to the Heavens ...
Forever crying ...
Forever dying ...
But I never know why.

Music is Music.
My girlfriend is my girlfriend
The cleaner in the corridor is poor.
I sit here rich.
But why? I'll never know.

Why does she like me?
Why do I like her?
Why is music, music.
I never know why.

'Hi!', I said to racism today.
'Why?' I asked my teacher
Cry. Cry. I sit here and cry.

Our world turns and turns
In the widening gyre.
Yeats was right ...
"The ceremony of innocence is drowned."

I Sax and I Piano,
Never to avail.
I breathe and I sleep,
Never to avail.
Sudoku is my God,
It breathes the way.
Reading too, is my God,
It breathes the truth.

I sit here Crying to the Heavens to no avail.
Where is my god
Well, my God is sudoku and reading.
But ... No. Where is my god?
The true god, not God.

My God is knowledge.
My god ... is lost.
What happened to my God?

I'll never know.

Pano Pouroullis

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Re: What makes music so special?!?
«Reply #1 on: May 26, 2016, 03:21:22 AM »
Good post.
"Art is good when you either get no reply or dreadful replies"
Sometimes I can only groan and suffer and pour out my despair at the piano.

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Re: What makes music so special?!?
«Reply #2 on: July 13, 2016, 08:04:54 AM »
Have you been playing Chopin Nocturne in C sharp by chance, your first chord sounds identical to my ear.