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* P22 vs. Boston * for Music Colleges - Which is MOSt POPULAR? 2016 (Read 952 times)

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The p22 has been the go-to piano for all colleges.. however, I heard some Boston model # is the most popular... granted, this is partly because I was speaking to a Boston piano salesmen.

What are the colleges are using these days?

I always liked the p22 (black version piano), but if they're discontinuing it, what's the next best thing in the price tag of $5k-$7k?  or even cheaper.

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I have played on both types of acoustic uprights.  And I have an opinion that ranges from very good ( for practice) to unacceptable.
 however, it is due to regulation , tuning and just general up-keep.

If the school maintains it well, keeps it regulated to a high degree and keeps it tuned well, it is fun to play and can be beneficial. If it is just lying around or maintained every so often, it may not be to your liking.
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